Feb 14, 2016

Episode Thirty Seven

Mndsgn - Peasfol
Knxwledge - Kometostai.Aintreallynootherwaytoputitro
Latin Chords - There's No Other Girl
Soul Children - Move Over
The Soundcarriers - Signal Blue
Bobby Wade - Can't Your Hear Me Calling
The Si-Berians - This Is The Ending of Our Love
Latimore - Let's Straighten It Out
Apollo Brown - The Warning
Monophonics - Too Long (feat. Ben l'Oncle Soul)
David Bowie - Bring Me The Disco King
Fulgeance & DJ Scientist - From Lithuania With Love
DJ Dialtone - Firebomb
Producer Veterano - Blood In, Blood Out
Renaldo Domino - I'll Get You Back
Curly Myrick - It Be's That Way
Penthouse Penthouse - In The Penthouse
Repeat Pattern - Girl Lovin' You
Oddisee - Ain't That Peculiar
OL - Somebody