Mar 21, 2010

Episode Nineteen

UK producer 2Tall has successfully made the transition from battle dj (as a UK team champ) to downtempo producer, working with Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow on 2007's Beautiful Mindz album. 2Tall takes a solemn, serious approach to beatmaking squeezing emotion out of his music.

Sea Inside Body is the debut album from Kelpe and was recorded using little more than a PC, a mini disc recorder and a range of house hold implements. This album is full of beautifully crisp glitched-up beats, edits, midtempo flows, headnod burners and beatless soundtracks to public library narratives. These sound bites run like a thread throughout the album, giving it a sense of inertia but never detracting from the oceanic beauty of the compositions.

Debut EP from the Parisian beatmaker, Débruit. Punchy and loud....just how they like it in Paris! This is the follow up to last years excellent ep by Fugelence and it's a great listen from start to finish with stuttering glitchy hip-hop beats, snippets of 80's electro and a whole truckload of cheeky samples. Débruit delivers an LP in the league of Dabrye, Modeselektor or Flying Lotus but with a strong individual personality. Check it!

After years of slaving in the studio, local producer NAIK (Nature And Its Killers) unleash his debut album 'In The Shadow Of Thunder Mountain'. An exotic blend of psychedelic guitars, twisted samples, booming synths and crunchy beats. The album was intricately compiled over a number of years at NAIK's personal studio and then mixed by Heliocentrics producer Mike Burnham, making sure every bit of analogue crunchiness was preserved.

Set 1

Inch Time - Suspended
Boom Bip - Soft & Open
2Tall - For Simon Cowell
Kelpe - Sea Inside Body
Debruit - Pointy
Ad Bourke - SP
AFTA-1 - Honey Dip
Qwel & Maker - No Joke
Saafir - The Instructor
Naik - Zootrip

Initially, I was drawn into Teebs’ world when I discovered his artwork. A gifted artist, Brainfeeder-signed Teebs has an approach to beat-making that's highly synesthetic, splashing electric colors against a backdrop of dusky, blurry beats. He just released the second part to his record sleeve series. Music wise, he’s nearly completed his debut LP for Brainfeeder and will be releasing a collaboritive record with UK producer, Jackhigh later this month on Svetlana Industries. Soo good!

Natural Yogurt Band - I almost forgot about this one but came across it on a rainy Sunday and remembered why it's sooo good. It's one of the hippest non-reissue records from the Jazzman Records empire. A massive set of grooves with a really odd sort of feel! Natural Yogurt Band work in spare, funky territory with a mix of heavy drums. Makes me think of a vintage Guy Richie soundtrack.

This sounds like someone's cassette mix tape from 1978 that has been sitting on the dashboard of a Pinto for the last 30 years baking in the sun. Neon indian's sound is immediately striking for how far it pushes the lo-fi angle. The album combines lo-fi recording techniques with electronic beats and samples to create a sound that flows like the score to a 1970’s exploitation film. Most of the tracks are pretty chill, and the kind of stuff you bob your head to. Eventhough I used two of the shortest tracks on the record the rest sounds like the future according to the '80s. Check it!

Neon Indian - Mind, Drips on Vimeo.

Set 2

Take - Make Believe
DJ Bootsie - Mosquito Dance
King Midas Sounds (Dabrye remix) - One Ting
Teebs - Golden Brown
Jaylib - Raw Addict
Neon Indian - 1am
Neon Indian - 7000 Reprise
Animal Collective - Daily Routine
Flying Lotus - Aunties Harp
Portishead - Elysium
Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill - I Love You Maryjane
Joe Beats - Sleep or Bust
Hubert Daviz - War Games
Natural Yogurt Band - Lament For Piano
Pantyraid - Enter The Machine
Emalkay - When I Look At You
Bar9 - Murda Sound
Bit Turner - The Ritual Noir
Jim Brown - Seen Him
Big Youth - Screaming Target
Jah Jesco - Warning
Little Joe - Gun Court

Set 3

Chico Magnetic Band - Pop Pull Hair
Desire - Oxygene
Blue States - Your Girl
Glasser - Learn (Yacht Remix)
Glass Candy - Beatific
Chromatics - Hands in the Dark
JD & The Evil Dynamite Band - Just some more Haaa Sheesh
Koushik - Dreams (Pt. 1)