Mar 28, 2009

Episode Ten

Are You Psych’d…? …If you’re not, prepare to be. I’ve got some crazy shit for you. Psychedelic soul funk rock or something like that. Starting things off is a beautiful rock track by Ersen. Reissue on Finders Keepers Records. This record is a compilation of numerous 45's and Ep's issued in the 70's by Ersen, a singer and violinist that was at the heart of some of the influential Turkish rock music of the era, having collaborated with some of Turkey's best known rockers-notably Mogollar, who back him up on several of the tracks. The tracks are all great examples of what make Turkish rock from the 70's great: interesting instrumentation including electric saz and violin alongside the fuzz guitars, rocking bass playing, funky beats, expressive vocals that one need not know the Turkish language to enjoy.

Next is Sarolta Zalatnay. Her powerful voice accompanied by electric guitar, organ and all, Prog, Hard Rock, Funk, you did not imagine music from Communist Eastern Europe like that, did you? So it is appropriate that the label, 'Finders Keepers', has compiled and released this compilation as well . The album has some quite excellent breaks & beats and Sarolta Zalatnay sings like no one else. Her vocals, all sung in Hungarian are at times ferocious.

Following is a truly wonderful example of late 60's UK Blues rock with Martha Velez’s swamp man.

I'm a fan of Stones Throw Records. Their offshoot record company, Now-Again records is responsible for this one. "Out There" is a great name for it. "Out There" combines everything I love about jazz, hip-hop and funk: heavy grooves, backed by breakbeat-style jazz drums and laced with dissonant abstract-jazz touches.
The opener, "Distant Star" is a perfect example. Strings fly skyward, and then the beat drops in and you just can't help smashing your head back and forth.

One of the coolest African collections I’ve seen-- a beautiful assortment of untapped grooves from the 70s, African Scream Contest easily joins the ranks of the most essential African funk compilations, partly by covering ground no one else has walked on, but mostly just for relentlessly kicking ass for over an hour. This is some of the best funk ever recorded anywhere, definitely more in the raw and psychedelic territory promised by the title, and filled with hard-edged vocals that surely know how to scream!

"Sitar Blues" an instrumental garage soul monster with psychedelic sitar and eastern vibes that conjures up the groovy summer of love action – in fact it’s an exotic and genuine real deal titty shaker! Performed by the Punjabs - a cool bunch of cats from southern California, they cut this instrumental sitar garage soul workout in 1968 for a pimp known as ‘Prince’ - boss of their sleazy hangout/brothel/go-go club where they used to perform in front of gyrating strippers, go-go girls and their johns! Open your mind and expand your mind – or get down to some nitty gritty, the choice is yours! - jazzman records

Set three is a collection of songs for lovers of that 60's Beat Sound. This set includes a cover of the famous Van Morrisson's song GLORIA by The Hound Dogs who give it a way more raw garage sound then the original. The cover of The Rolling Stones, 'Paint it Black' is done by French pop singer Marie LaforĂȘt. Then there is the underrated and much appreciated Manchester band from the sixties St. Union Station doing East Side Story.

Always hoping to expand some ears and create new listeners! Dig it!

Psychedelic Soul Funk Rock

Set 1
Ersen - Metelik
Sarolta Zalatnay - Hadd Mondjam El
Martha Velez - Swamp Man
Heliocentrics - Distant Star
Roger Damawuzan - Wait for Me
The Punjabs - Sitar Blues

Set 3
John Hammond - I Wish You Would
Bonnie St. Clair - Tame Me Tiger
The Hound Dogs - Gloria
St. Louis Union - East Side Story
Peggy Paxton - It Ain't What I Do
Marie Laforet - Marie Douceur, Marie Colere (Paint it Black)

The artist known simply as Rodriguez was born Sixto (pronounced "Seez-toe") Diaz Rodriguez in Detroit, Michigan, USA in 1942. He was the sixth child (the Sixth Prince) of immigrant Mexican parents. He recorded the classic album Cold Fact in Detroit in 1969 and it was released in the USA on the Sussex Label in March 1970. This album was filled with tales of love, poverty, rebellion, and of course "jumpers, coke, sweet mary jane" songs about life in the late 60s inner-city America. Sadly the album sank without a trace. Until a year later the album was released in South Africa by A&M Records, who were now the owners of the Sussex Label. The introduction of this album was such impact to the people of South Africa that it is considered as a beacon of revolution.

Omega One's debut album The Lo-Fi chronicles was released on November of 2005. This albums showcases electric samples with gritty drums and seamless sequencing. After three widely distributed mix CDs, DJ gigs with Method Man and Masta Killa and productions for people like Aesop Rock, The Lo-Fi chronicles proves that Omega One is more than cable of carrying an album by himself. In 2008 Omega One released his second album Postcard From The Third Rock on Johnny 23 Records.

Proud Flesh is a German rock band from the early Krautrock era. The band was formed in 1969 in the former diplomat's city of Bonn-Bad-Godesberg (Germany) and split up in 1972 due to the drummers ruptured lung . The group had been made up of musicians of the local bands Cool Stove, Desperados, Hangmen and Rats. Proud Flesh toured all over Germany, did gigs in Luxembourg and were the supporting act for famous bands such as The Lords, The Rattles, Golden Earring and Brian Auger and The Trinity ("Streetnoise" album). After some pieces of Softrock at the start and melodical Progressive rock songs later on the music of the band became more and more hard rock like. Hence Devil Fight.

Quiet Dawn was first released in 2007 on the label Tru Thoughts. This was Nostalgia 77 third album Everything Under The Sun. In 2008 Bonobo did a exclusive remix of Quiet Dawn, clocking in at an epic 7 minutes. On the album version, the vocal from Beth Rowley is languorous yet pure, sultry yet inviting, bringing every nuance out of Lamdin’s beguiling lyrics. It is complimented by purely liquid keys and tenor sax and the finest mist of percussion, capturing a hazy, ethereal atmosphere.

Set 2
Rodriguez - Sugar Man
Maker - Streetstrut (extended)
Omega One - 20 Million Miles
Maker - Live it (pt. 1 & 2)
Sixtoo - Broken Monitor
Shawn Lee's Pinp Pong Orchestra - Montery Jack
Natural Yogurt Band - Voodoo
Hi-Society Bros - Don't Spill the Wine
Bronx River Parkway - La Vala

Set 4
Aloe Blacc - Blind Man (instrumental)
Thanes - Beginning Word
Proud Flesh - Devil Fight
Ersen - Gonese Don Cicegim
Guy Pedersen et son Grand Orchestre - We Love You
Dungen - Mina Damer Och Fasaner
Rosinha De Valencia - Summertime
Nostalgia 77 - Quiet Dawn