Oct 18, 2008

Episode Five

Set 1
Spooky Reggae

Rupie Edwards - Doctor Satan Echo Chamber
Augustus Pablo and Derrick Harriott - Bells of Death
King Horror - Loch Ness Monster
Derrick and the Crystalites - Dr. Who
Lee Scratch Perry - Disco Devil

Set 2

The Screamers live in San Francisco - 122 Hours of Fear
King Horror - Dracula Prince of Darkness
Amon Tobin - These three tracks are over lapping each other:
and Darkside Returns
Mazzy Star - Mary of Silent
Aphex Twin - These two tracks are over lapping each other:
White Blur and Gwely Mernans
GAA - Autobhn

Set 3
Garage-Punk Scare

Antsy Pants - I am a Vampire
The Rapture - Infinite Clock
The Lost Sounds - Dark Shadows
Larry and the Blue Notes - Night of the Phantom
Screaming Lord Sutch - She's Fallen in Love with a Monsterman
Ralph Nielsen and the Chancellors - Scream

Set 4
Hardcore Pain

Kings of Noise - If Jesus was the Devil
DJ Radium - Violent Orchestra
Joshua - Pourquos
Hammerdamage - No More w/The Tyrant & Nevermind
Fist of Fury - Huuiirr
Vikta Molotov & Ordeal - Vice
Memetic - Sweat Rohypnot