Jun 1, 2009

Episode Twelve

I don't know who Clutchy is. I’m sure I’m not alone. Some theories on who this man might be range from Cut Chemist to
Danger Mouse. No doubt that his music is simply timeless and his new album titled Music is My Medicine is proof of that. The album is filled with dusty jazz-influenced beats, with some Jamaican dub mixed in. What’s also interest me is the story surrounding the release of this album. To find out more about the misled children, Joshua Tree, Lord Kenjamin, and poisonous Lionfish read the press story on Ubiquity Records.

Onandon is an astonishing debut album that will slay you if you're a lover of the blunted beat constructions. This album proves just how creative the years between 12 and 20 can be when given the right channel to bloom. Onandon is filled with hip-hop electronics that uses sick loops, lazer-tag beats and dope rhythms. It’s an album that is mature, complex and (most importantly) a damn good listen.

DJ Nobody pr
esents Blank Blue with their album titled Western Water Music Vol. II
is a concept album that either deals with an Armageddon-type earthquake that sank the state of California or upon a series of nightmares that haunted Estela's (Nobody's) sleep. The music is innovative an
d atmospheric. These soulful beat productions are embellished with pop, psychedelic instrumentation, vintage samples, and above all, great drums.

If you like dark, ambient, prog-fusion
beats you will be happy to know that Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian, is a nice example of that, but a rather tricky one. At first, it feels like a Prefusemixtape. That said, the songs do all blend together rather seamlessly. While the first third is a more fuzzy, mellow affair, the second third sees Prefuse starting to stretch the beats into something more noteworthy. The last third is where things start to space out a bit, with Prefuse mixing vocal looping with a more computer, minimalist driven element. Anyone who likes dark, downtempo-ish electronica should check it out.

interjections make this a consistently engaging reconstruction of the 1970s Ethiopian grooves. The Spiky guitar riffs, restrained bursts of brass, and glitchyHeliocentrics are a somewhat musicians collective, and composer Astatke is one of the genre's original stars, so it's an unlikely pairing. On Inspiration Information 3, Mulatu Astatke and The H
eliocentrics go back and forth from songs most strongly defined by Astatke's unique Ethio-jazz style to more modern funk breaks that sound more like remixes. But the result is as vital a tribute to Astatke’s haunting sound. The Heliocentrics provide a badass complement to Astatke's more hypnotic sounds. Astatke and The Heliocentrics already sounded great individually, but together they create something new and wonderful, a fine addition to both artists' catalogs.

Set 1

Clutchy Hopkins - Tune Traveler

Lukid - The Now
Hudson Mohawke - Polkadot Blues
JDilla Beat Tapes - Track12
Flying Lotus - GNG BNG
Nobody and Blank Blue - All the Shallow
Prefuse 73 - Regato
Mulatu and the Heliocentric - Addis Black Widow

Set 3

Augustus Pablo - Lovers Mood
Horace Andy - Problems
Cornell Campbell - My Conversation

King Tubby - King Tubby’s Conversation
Prince Francis - Rock Fort Shock
Jackie Mittoo- Hang em High
Skatalities - Herb Man Dub
Lee Arab - Now
Dave Barker - Funky Funky Reggae
Pyramids - Geronimo
Cedric Im Brooks - The Light of Saba - Sabayindah

The duo’s first album, due to release in 2009, offers an intriguing variety of sounds, including what the duo describe as ’50s and ’60s-inspired space music, mood music for film and TV, haunting vocal tracks inspired by the windswept beauty of their home town, and switched-on cover versions of ’70s funk classics realised on the Moog synthesiser.

There is not a lot of information about the band or the film from which this soundtrack was taken. A special pressing soundtrack to the Barry R. Kerr film of the same name, The Flasher soundtrack was performed by Pool-pah with assistance from the group Ralph and their ARP synthesiser. The music is a strange brew of solo ARP synth, 1960s style beat / psychedelic vocal numbers and a killer slowburn funk instrumental, Sour Soul, favourite of such esteemed DJs.

Dwilt Sharpp double 7'' Ep is a hypnotic and sensual genius which evolves within dreams and reality. Gathering influences from electronic music, prog rock, and deep soul. Providence is a re-edit from Baris Manco - Gonul Dagi taken off is 1976 album Ben Bilirim.

Riffing guitar and funky drums get this one going from the start, a cooking little number topped with raspy female vocals a really bad-sister funk number that should get Dojo Cuts plenty of notice! The vocals really help the track loosen up a bit relaxing into a groove that's a nice change from some of the too-tight funk bits out there and the flipside features a very similar vibe, which is perfect for its cool cover of the older classic "See & Don't See".

Jazz Chronicles is a project by Futuristica Music Simon which is heavily influenced by his love of classic era of hip-hop and spiritual jazz. This first release is a limited 7'' series. Don't sleep on it !!!!!

Set 2

Broadcast - Locust
The Simonsound - Bad Love
Pool Pah - Sour Soul
Men's Recovery Project - How long have you lived in this house
Men's Recovery Project - Bleeding Gash
Dwilt Sharpp - Providence
Autolux - Here Comes Everybody
Unwound - October All Over

Set 4

Round Trip Ticket - Captain Purple Rides Again
Marvin Gaye - Betsy Collins Re-Edit
Betty Barney - Momma Momma
Dojo Cuts - See and Don't See
Jazz Chronicles - One of Joe
Chico Buarque - Cotidiano
Ana Mazzotti - Feel Like Making Love