Sep 9, 2009

Episode Fifteen

Alias (born Brendon Whitney) is originally from Portland, Maine. In 1993, upon meeting sole, who was already recording and doing shows, Alias began rapping in ciphers at parties. He moved his "studio" from his bedroom to a friend's basement where he taught himself to use an MPC 3000 and an ADAT machine. In '96 he started doing shows with The Live Poets (sole's group) around New England. It wasn't until 1998, after finishing the seminal Deep Puddle Dynamics project he moved to the West Coast in to work on building the Anticon label, as well as to focus on his music. Shotly after In 2001, Alias released his ep Final Act on Anticon that contains "Three Phase Irony",that has a western expermental hip-hop feel to it.

Usha Khanna (born 1942 in Gwalior) is an Indian music director. Regarded as the only established female music director in the Indian film industry, she remained active for more than 3 decades from 1960s to 1980s. Hotel was released in 1981 and was directed by the Ramsay Brothers and Usha Khanna arranged the music. The premise of this movie is an entrepreneur asks his assistant to go to a hillside area and acquire some land for building a hotel. The assistant is led astray by the corrupt contractor- builder, who convinces him that they can make a huge profit if they build the hotel over an old Christian cemetery. They dupe the priest in charge of the cemetery, telling him they need the land for building an orphanage. They also implicate some government officials, by bribing them. In all this manipulation, the contractor-builder guy is helped by his foxy secretary, whose sex appeal is often used to their benefit. When the construction starts, they dig up all the corpses (some very bizarre faces there) and skeletons, and dump them all into a mass grave, marked only by some stones. However, the spirits of the dead are apparently outraged at this desecration, and seek revenge.

This Bulgarian duo, Casio Blaster and 99 Mistakes are names you will know soon if not by now. They continue their assault on auditory canals and speaker stacks worldwide, with 6 digi sound collages filled with beautifully crafted broken soul; further pushing the boundaries of their now trademark eklekto-hip-hop grooves.

Two/Three, is a futuristic perfection from the beat maker Dabrye. Dabrye combines rattling drum patterns reminiscent of nineties hip-hop, with grimey bass lines and spine-tingling synths, creating lush instrumental tracks that sound like outtakes from an 80's sci-fi flick. Two/Three, the second offering in a trilogy of albums, bridges the gap between One/Three's minimalist hip-hop, and shows a promising glimpse of what lay ahead. Highly recommended for any beatheads or hip-hop fans in general.

For those that don't know, the first installment of the Beat Dimensions series introduced much of the world to beats from Hudson Mohawke and FLYamSAM. This is the second plate from the followup installment to the series and includes heavyweight killers compiled by Cinnaman & Jay Scarlett including cuts from Samiyam, Dorian Concept, Fulgeance, Dimlite and Dizz1. Killer!

Sifunk & Garmunkle are a duo from NY introduce their debut beat tape for all to enjoy. The 'bloopers' concept is strung throughout with a grip of samples. CRAZY GOOD! This is East Coast future hop.

The Mighty Hannibal was a soul singer from the sock-boogaloo late 60s years! At his prime, Hannibal recorded some excellent singles that have a finger-popping funky feel. Very tight combo instrumentation mixed with raspy vocals that have more than a bit of a southern touch at the bottom. This record brings together much of his best work, complete with excellent self-penned liner notes about his rocky career, with great details that get at the heart of the life of an indie soul singer back in the day. A shameless name-dropper, a former junkie and pimp – or “MASTER ADVISOR AND MAINTAINER OF WOMEN’S AFFAIRS” as he put it – the Mighty Hannibal is nothing if not memorable. He even came up with a shtick in the sixties to stand out from the afro-wearing crowd: rock a turban, man! And he is still dynamite.

Set 1

Ananda Shankar- Sa Re-Ga Macha
Gaslamp Killer - A little of this
Arc - Let your love run through
A-Austr - Thumbquake & Earthscrew
Alias - Three Phase Irony
Vast Aire - Why'sdaskyblue?
Think - More Drops (edit)
Usha Khanna - Tere Jaisa Pyara Koi Nahin
Quantic and his Combo Barbaro - Un Canto A Mi Tierra

Set 2

Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex - Vortex Cookies (fLako Rmx)
Casual, Rock Marciano, Vordul Mega & Tragedy Khadafi - Think Differently
The Roots (Featuring Dice Raw, Pee) - Get Busy
Dabrye - Encoded Flow
Mighty King Hannibal - The Truth Shall Make You Free
Stark Reality - Say Brother
Nancy Sinatra - Friday's Child

Set 3

Mathhead - FM Dial
The Broken Keys - An Introduction
Guem & Zaka - Le Serpent
Mandrake - Berimbau (bongo re-edit)
Pamoja - Oooh Baby
Communication & Black Experience - The Road
1000 Names - Beauty Surrounds You
Fulgeance - Lonely Night

Set 4

Hubert Daviz - Falling
Daedelus - Just Briefly
Koushik - Ew
Mr Scruff (Featuring Seaming) - Beyond
Bjork - Possibly Maybe
Eliot Lipp - Tic Tac
Sifunk and Garmunkle - Chicago '95
Lukid - Veto
Dizz1 - Konotakosuke Yaro