Dec 28, 2009

Episode Seventeen

Anagram Jam
Tandy Love and Mad Smooth
There’s a bit of a mystery behind just what the hell is going on with this record. Released on Fat City by two suspects who may or may not have something to do with Finders Keepers or B-Music. The comp is a collection of 15 fuzzy and smashed edits ranging from Japanese surf rock to what sounds like Israeli funk. The kicker: the original titles and artist names are scrambled into, yes, anagrams. So have fun figuring out what you’re listening to. The album truly is an international affair combining elements from England, Korea, Turkey, Russia, France, Israel, India, America & Spain. Fun!

Mr. Chop
For Pete's Sake
After jack-of-all-trades engineer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Mr. Chop delivered a host of co-written and co-produced tracks on recent album Born Like This, DOOM touted his collaborator as "the illest to grace the boards." The praise hit the streets and landed Mr. Chop an offer to create a record of remixes and covers paying tribute to legendary NY DJ/producer/MC Pete Rock. In Mr. Chop’s compilation of Pete Rock’s greatest hits, the parts are replayed and filtered through the psych, funk, jazz and rock imprint that has become the staple of Now-Again Records. With previous releases on Jazzman’s Stark Reality label, Ape Records and his debut release for Now Again called Lightworlds, Mr. Chop is heading in the right direction.

Fama is a producer out of St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation. One word = Sick!

Raleigh Moncrief
Combed Over Chrome EP
This is a next level beat-based record, collapsing genres and rhythms while expanding the borders of previously established stylings. Moncrief likes his drums crunchy with a hint of glitch. Combed Over Chrome" is massive. Spliffed-out and dirty. Fresh and experimental, yet catchy and compatible with any Hip Hop and Dubstep dancefloor. This is a beat-based record that's so tangled up it seems to be perpetually collapsing, but it somehow manages to be expansive; growing more and more ambiguous with each successive track. The glitch-hop / future beat front. I like!

Raleigh Moncrief - Quiet Please from obstructive vibrations on Vimeo.

Set 1

Fama87 - Dream
Flako - Crying On The Inside
RJD2 - The Gentle Rain (remix)
Madvillain - Savage Beast (Instrumental)
Mos Def - Revelations
Chronicle Grime - Career Cats Get Tiger Suits - (According to the Anagram Jam Compilation)
Dorothy Ashby - Soul Vibrations
Petalouda -What You Can Do In Your Life - (According to the Anagram Jam Compilation)
Mr Chop - T.R.O.Y
Raleigh Moncrief - Goldrush
Dorian Concept - Her Marshmallow Secret

Set 3

Fulgeance - Birds Of Prey Remix
Glass Candy - Geto Boys
Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So, Maybe No (Bluntspeakers Remix)
Wendy Rene - After Laughter (Comes Tears)
Circle Research - After The Laughter
Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins - Chapter 2
Fama87 - Say Me...Love
Prefuse 73 - Gratis (Pedro Vs. Prefuse)

Young, London based Scotsman Architeq (AKA Sam Annand) has made a lot of noise without actually releasing a lot of material since his debut 'Birds Of Prey' EP on Tirk early last year. The odd well chosen remix aside, he's been burying himself in the studio making his debut album. Gold & Green includes 14 tracks of originality, innovation and musicality that confidently occupy a bright new corner of the electronic canon, and a deeply impressive first instalment of organic instrumentation with crunchy off-beat drums, lush soulful strings and burbling soundscapes.

Lit is the second album on Merck Records from Austin, Texas based producer Malcom Kipe, better known to some as Nautilis (of Planet-Mu). Lit is a get down and dirty piece focused on the aesthetics of raw sample based hip hop and the nasty sampling habits of Malcom Kipe. This is a collection of 52 minutes of beats and instrumentals composed of twenty tracks made and polished in 2004 & 2005. This album is strongly influenced early 90's hip hop production and excessive crate digging. Including lots of material that fans of his previous full length album, Breakspiracy Theories, should fall in love with.

10 years ago, in December 1997 Atom™ and Burnt Friedman teamed up in Santiago de Chile to compose "Templates". Atom™, also known as SeƱor Coconut, had moved life and studio to Chile in 1997 and B.Friedman flew in as part of his annual travel to New Zealand and Australia. Equipped with few electronic production devices: sampler, sequencer and keyboard the duo managed to produce the entire first Flanger record "Templates" within one week only. Nuclear Jazz is itself a reconstitution of the Flanger catalog that started on Ntone and Ninja Tune, compiling and editing 1999's Templates and 2000's Midnight Sound into a mesmerizing hybrid of the organic and the synthetic that simultaneously connects to and pushes away from jazz and the flora where it forms the root (funk, acid jazz, jungle, trip-hop).

TRS-80 are a Chicago-based duo who mix up live drums, samples, and an array of vintage analog circuitry to create pulsing hypnotic sound collages while delivering head-bobbing grooves that keep the listener entranced. Their fourth album, Mr. Kickass, draws from an eclectic pool of influences that put the pieces back together to create a unique, unpredictable, and highly listenable soundscape. One of the band's strongest features is its live show. Using a live drummer and almost anything they can plug in to create the mood with their patented analog hodgepodge of loops and sounds.

Set 2

Jonny Greenwood - Moon Mall
Mike Gao - Melamine Breast Milk
Oh No - Madness
Madlib Beat Konducta Vol.6 - Lifetime (Lifeline)
Onra - Super Genesis ft. Haez
Architeq - Spinning Plates
TRS-80 - American Smooth Division
Dalt Wisney - R2fux
James Pants - I Promise I Lied
Dans Le Eprom - Dials Mix

Set 4

Broadcast - Creation Day the Travel Flute Way
Samon Kawamura - Interlude
E Vax - The Process of Leaving
Flanger - Full On Scientist
Architeq - Sleeping Bear Lamet (Take Remix)
Danny Breaks - Windscreen Wiper
Dabrye - Special
Malcom Kipe - Off the Joint
DJ Lengua - Tope Kinky