Feb 14, 2012

Episode Twenty Seven

Set 1

Purple Flowers - Gladiator
Say It - Astronaft
The Next Morning - Dwill
The Usual, Please (Daily Serving of Raw) - Nav
Another Love Track - Ritmo Sportivo
Walk On By - Fresh Beat
Holding Back Memories - Jansport Jay
Rebirth Cycle (Super Soul) - Madlib
Comd - Brolis
Beat Maker Beat - Don't make it wrong
Ready - Dj Babu
Lovers - Ta-Ku
Rawsberry Danishes - Dr.
Love Thing - Stevo

Set 2

Black Velvet - Is It Me You Really Love
Nathan Wilkes - Now That I'm Wise
Step By Step - Time After Time
The Equatics - Merry Go Round
TeV95 - Solar Flight
Tito Rojas - Mejor Que Simpre
Jesus Acosta & The Professiona - Guajida
Bronx River Parkway - Me Toca
Eruption - Funky Lover
Turner Brothers - Cause I Love You